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F.L.O.W.cast is a weekly podcast dedicated to telling stories of people changing lives in hopeful ways,
for the life of the world.

F.L.O.W.cast is a ministry of Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois, and
recorded at Sacred Heart Convent.

Sisters Launch First-Ever Podcast Series on Founders’ Day

Watch for the new Springfield Dominican Sisters’ podcast series, coming to your favorite podcast ap soon. Called F.L.O.W.cast, the name incorporates an acronym for the phrase For the Life of the World, which appears in John’s Gospel and is used by the sisters to summarize their response to God’s mission.

The podcast production team includes the communications office staff: Veronica Brown, Sister Beth Murphy, and Aaron Tebrinke, who oversee production, editing and marketing, and Jeremiah Washington, who is on loan from the Sacred Heart Convent housekeeping department to serve as the series host.

“The idea for the series was born out of a conversation Jeremiah and I had about his respect for the sisters, his comfortable way of relating with others, and his curiosity about their lives of ministry,” said Aaron Tebrinke. “I thought Jeremiah could share those gifts with a broader audience of young people like himself.”

The one-to-one conversations and roundtable discussions will introduce listeners to the lives and ministry of the sisters and their associates as the share stories about how they are changing lives in meaningful ways.

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