The Spiritual Energy of Sister Mary Emmeric

Episode Six

Host Jeremiah Washington learns the origins of Sister Mary Emmeric’s name, her parents’ reaction to her choice of religious life, and how her experience of God has changed in 60 years of religious life.


  • Living in community is a help for personal, spiritual, and professional growth
  • When you respond to God’s love, your spiritual life will evolve in unexpected ways
  • God’s love is uncreated energy. Think about THAT.
  • God takes you as you are.
  • You are never too old to grow spiritually.

Who knew?

There is an underground dining experience in the old St. Emmeric Church in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. What’s that? Who knows. But you can find out more here.

Down the rabbit hole

Sister M. Emmeric told Jeremiah that America is named after St. Emmeric. You can chase that story down the rabbit hole if you want to by going here, and here and here.

Visit the parish were Sister M. Emmeric spend 23 wonderful years: St. Edward, Chicago.

Telling the family

Sister Mary Emmeric says her dad was not thrilled with the idea of her vocation—at first. Read more here about navigating a religious vocation with your family.