Sister Bernie Has a Fanclub!

Episode One

After five years washing dishes and emptying trash at Sacred Heart Convent Jeremiah Washington agreed to moonlight as host for the Dominican Sisters’ new podcast. Given the choice of who to interview first, he chose Sister Bernadette Marie McGuire because he knew her reputation as an unlikely comic icon at Rosary High School, Aurora. Welcome to the inaugural episode of F.L.O.W.cast!

Show Notes


“Simple joys in life are a way of communicating God’s love.” –Host Jeremiah Washington on what he learned from Sister Bernie.


Like to read? You can access books from Sister Bernie’s library at Sacred Heart Convent through the Illinois Heartland Library System. The library has a decent theological library and a good number of large print works of fiction.

Learn more about the high schools sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Springfield where Sister Bernadette Marie served as librarian

Rosary High School

Marian Catholic High School

Sacred Heart-Griffin High School

Routt Catholic Hight School

Call to action

Immigration reform.

Sister Bernie shared this about her McGuire immigrant ancestor:

“The ancestor from Ireland stowed away on a ship with his little sister Rose and came to America through New Orleans. That was during the potato famine. Gradually he came up the river to Springfield.

“I presume since he was supposed to have been only ten years old and his little sister Rose was even younger, that they were orphans by that time because so many people died during the Irish Potato Famine. That was in the 1850s. If it happened today they would have been unattended children and would have ended up in one of the cages in the detention centers. Rose disappeared in New Orleans. We have no idea what happened to Rose.”

Learn about the Dominican Sisters commitment to the welfare of immigrants.