Helping Earth Heal: Permaculture at Jubilee Farm

Episode One

What is Permaculture?


Listen and learn alongside the Dominican Sisters at Jubilee Farm as they help Earth heal by learning the skills for permaculture—working with land to allow it to heal itself. They will discuss weeds, waste, and how to get started on your own permaculture garden. It isn’t as simple as letting the grass grow and not pulling ‘weeds.’ By making some changes to a land management routine they hope to help the land at Jubilee Farm heal, become more sustainable, and contribute to the wellbeing of Earth.


About our guests

Sister Sharon Zayac, co-founder of Jubilee Farm and past director, is an internationally sought-after author and speaker on eco-spirituality and Earth literacy. She is the author of Earth Spirituality: In the Catholic and Dominican Tradition and the co-author of Science and Christ: A Dialouge.


About our guests

Sister Rose Marie Riley has been the director of Jubilee Farm since 2018. A healthcare administrator, she has served as prioress general of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield and in the fall of 2023 will become the prioress of Sacred Heart Convent in Springfield.

Aiden Meyer is the Central Illinois Outreach Coordinator for an interfaith environmental nonprofit organization called Faith In Place. Empowering people of faith to work on carbon sequestration project and providing the resources. Located in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Grants for solar carbon sequestration.



  • Jubilee Farm’s mission is to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the Earth community and to share the gift of the land.
  • Permaculture will help heal the land, eliminate mowing, and promote self-sustaining vegetation.
  • The term Permaculture was coined in the 1970’s, by Australian Bill Mollison. IT means “permanent culture.”
  • Living plants are the key to carbon sequestration



Jubilee Farm to learn more about their vision for permaculture and how you can get involved.

Faith in Place, for a multitude of resources for faith communities and individuals who want to protect Earth.

Midwest Permaculture for classes and certification in permaculture

Email Jubilee Farm

Email Faith in Place



2 thoughts on “Helping Earth Heal: Permaculture at Jubilee Farm”

  1. Jerry Stookey, OP

    Thank you, Sisters Sharon and Rose Marie and Aiden! This was great! All the best on your new permaculture project at Jubilee Farm. Wish I lived closer to be part of it, but I may just have to se.ttle for a visit someday instead. Great Episdoe One podcast!
    Dominican hugs,

  2. Jeanne Harris, OP

    Hi, Everyone, especially Sharon: I was the coordinator of the retreat you gave to MSJ Dominicans at Flintridge a few years ago, the retreat we all still appreciate very much. I just moved to a rental in the Inland Empire of SoCal where I have a small back yard! Yay! I’m on the lookout for how to make it a miniature permaculture. The six sprinklers, currently on 10 minutes each evening, make grasses abundant, despite our 100+-degree summer days, and wild bird seed has added some 3-foot tall new plants. Where can I find steps to take toward the goal of permaculture?

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