Embracing the Gospel: Sisters’ Life, Mission and Ministry – Part Two

Episode Seven

Sisters Barbara Ann Bogenschutz, Martha Carmody, and Anita Cleary, talk about community life, who’s “in their corner” and their varied ministries, from teaching and nursing to fiber art and the accompaniment of Native Americans.


Sister Barbara Ann Bogenschutz was born and raised in Springfield and joined the Dominicans right out of high school. She has accompanied Native American communities for 22 years and is currently pastoral administrator of Our Lady of the Sioux Parish, Oglala, S.D., on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Sister Martha Carmody is, by her own admission, a late bloomer. After 24 years as an elementary school teacher and volunteer EMT in Calhoun County, Illinois, she joined the Dominicans at age 45. As a sisters she has taught in classrooms, assisted our most frail sisters, and now is establishing an arts and crafts center for children at Jubilee Farm.

Sister Anita Cleary has worked as a nurse and now practices and teaches fiber arts at Jubilee Farm, where she cares for the Llama and alpaca and skillfully processes their hair, which she cards, spins, and weaves. She also teaches Spanish and is a spiritual guide and retreat director.

The host for this episode is Sister Karen Freund. After many years in elementary and secondary education Sister Karen has served as a spiritual formator for new members of the community, and as a parish-based pastoral minister, university chaplain, and spiritual director.


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  • Catholic Sisters are not defined by the clothes they were, but by the ministries in which we engage.
  • All that we do is in response to God’s call and the needs of the world.
  • Catholic Sisters serve by bringing their gifts and being themselves.
  • Dominicans are big on study—both books and the “living books” we see each day.



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