Journeys to Religious Life

Episode Ten

Sister M. Thecla Kuhnline and Sister M. Celestine Rondelli were born the same year in two different Central Illinois towns and their journeys to religious life followed similar trajectories. Here they share the wisdom they’ve gleaned from 67 years of ministry and compare notes on their experience as hospital chaplains.


Sister M. Thecla was born and raised in Carrollton, Ill., where she was taught for 12 years by the Dominican Sisters of Springfield at St. John Parish elementary and high school. Sister M. Celestine says she new from the time she met her first sisters at Little Flower Parish in Springfield she new she wanted to be like the sisters.



  • Catholic schools, parishes, and families all have an impact on an individuals’ choice of vocation
  • Praying together is essential to community life
  • The biggest portion of pastoral caregiving is listening
  • Pray until something happens


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