The Smell of the Sheep: Sisters in Pastoral Leadership

Episode Eighteen

Pope Francis turned heads in 2013 when he told a group of priests: “This is what I am asking you—be shepherds with the smell of sheep.” Shepherds and sheep have long been metaphors for pastoral leaders, those who accompany communities of faith. Today, three Springfield Dominican Sisters who are veteran pastoral ministers talk shop about their lives and ministries and share heartwarming stories about their experiences with the parishioners they love and lead.

What’s with the names?

Sister Judy told Jeremiah that some people listening to the podcast would know her not as “Sister Judy” but as “Sister Donna Marie” her “religious names." Learn what that’s about at A Nun’s Life Ministry.

Where they are

Visit the parishes where today’s guests minister.

Sister Barbara Blesse, St. Francis Xavier, Carbondale

Sister Phyllis Schenk, Holy Spirit Parish Carterville

Sister Judith Pfile, St. Joseph the Worker, Chatham

How to become a pastoral minister

Learn more about choosing a life of ministry in the Catholic Church, either as a lay pastoral minister or as a consecrated religious.

Confused about annulments?

You are not alone. Here is a great explanation from America Magazine.

Looking for [Spiritual] Direction?

Our Sisters can help. Visit our Spiritual Direction webpage.

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“As we grow in friendship with one another, as we grow in virtue, we grow in friendship with God. So this greatest risk of my life has turned out to be my greatest blessing.”