Season Three

Grounded in the Promise

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Episode Six Introduction Claudia Aravello is a mother, wife, employee, communion minister, volunteer-a Mexican immigrant living in Rantoul, Illinois-whose approach to life and faith is both profound and simple. Her conversation with our Sister Denise Glazik is sure to inspire and perhaps lead to a moment of self-reflection on what it means to you to …

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Science and Christ

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Episode Five Introduction How is Jesus like us, and different from us? What does it mean to claim our own divinity without claiming we are equal to Jesus Christ? What do science and faith have to say to each other? Explore these questions and more with today’s guests: Springfield Dominican Sister Sharon Zayac and Father …

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Restorative Justice: Healing Relationships in Community

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Episode Four Introduction Too often wrong-doing is dealt with punitively and unproductively. Relationships torn asunder by violence, trauma, or harmful speech are left in tatters, offenders and victims alike left to live with the consequences of broken relationships. Restorative justice brings healing by repairing harm, rebuilding relationships, and strengthening communities.   About our guests Amber …

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The Relationship Episode

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Episode Three What are relationships like in the digital age? Introduction Springfield Dominican Associates Steph Steele and Lucinda and Keith Buescher share a delightful, insightful conversation on all the things about dating and relationships. Steph, a teacher at St. Agnes in Springfield, Ill., and the Bueschers, medical professionals, bring all their joy and personality to …

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Work, Life, Faith

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Episode Two How do you find balance in life’s journeys? Introduction F.L.O.W.cast producer Sister Beth Murphy talks with Liz Mitchell-Catholic convert, spouse, mom of two, and deputy spokesperson for the Illinois Senate Democrats-about the intersection of life, work and faith in this Labor Day weekend episode.   About our guests “My family (husband, son and …

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Helping Earth Heal: Permaculture at Jubilee Farm

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Episode One What is Permaculture? Introduction Listen and learn alongside the Dominican Sisters at Jubilee Farm as they help Earth heal by learning the skills for permaculture-working with land to allow it to heal itself. They will discuss weeds, waste, and how to get started on your own permaculture garden. It isn’t as simple as …

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