F.L.O.W.cast fan favorites: The Hymn Episode [promo]

Episode Nine


Do you ever find yourself humming the tune of a song you sang at Mass? Is it your favorite? Or is there another? This week’s F.L.O.W.cast invites fan participation. Take a listen, then get busy on the phone sharing with us your favorite hymn. Tell us a story about why it’s your favorite and you might hear yourself on an episode of F.L.O.W.cast later this season.


How to participate

To contribute to the special F.L.O.W.cast fan favorite hymn episode. By November 1, 2023

Leave us a voice mail at 217-321-7939


Send a recorded message via Facebook Messenger to @flowcastlisten

What we need to know:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • The city you are calling from
  • The correct title of your favorite hymn
  • A story about why it is your favorite

Your participation implies your consent for us to use your recorded voice in a F.L.O.W.cast episode and promotional material.

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