Inside Edition: A conversation with F.L.O.W.cast team members Aaron Tebrinke and Jeremiah Washington

Episode Seven

F.L.O.W.cast engineer Aaron Tebrinke and host Jeremiah Washington talk about working at Sacred Heart Convent, living in a time of pandemic, and their unique perspective on the sisters’ life and ministry.


  • A positive work environment makes a big difference in quality of life
  • The sisters’ generous spirits impressed Jeremiah
  • Adult mentors are critical to the success of young people

A Deeper Dive into Dominican life

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“Adulting” tips from Jeremiah

Being on time and always being prepared for the next thing or next move I make whether it’s work or just how my day will go after work or on off days. Time management is a big part of adulting, but also easier said then done. I still haven’t got that one fully down yet.