Fan Favorites and Heartfelt Hymns

Episode Seventeen


Do you have a favorite hymn? One that touches your heart? Perhaps one that changed your life in some way? On this episode of F.L.O.W.cast we explore hymns and songs our listeners told us were their favorites, in our first ever fan participation episode.


About our guest

Our guests of honor this week are our F.L.O.W.cast fans and the songs they love. Mary Helen Rowland, an associate and former radio professional, joins Sister Beth as co-host for this episode.  



  • Those who sing pray twice (attributed to St. Augustine) 
  • If you have a beautiful voice you sing to praise God. If your voice is not so beautiful, sing twice as loud and get even. (Tongue-in-cheek humor from Sister Beth) 
  • Singing together brings us into communion with one another. 

1 thought on “Fan Favorites and Heartfelt Hymns”

  1. What surprising variety! A life changing hymnn for me was a Baptist hymnn called “Room at the Cross “. It was then that I realized that the most level “playing field ” was there at the foot of the Cross.

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