Synod Perspectives

Episode Thirteen


The historic assembly of the “synod on synodality” concluded in Rome in October and ushered in a new era in the Roman Catholic Church—one from which we “can’t go back” according to some participants. Springfield Dominican Sisters Mila Diaz Solano and Barbara Blesse, theologians and experienced pastoral ministers, share the insights they’ve gleaned as observers from afar, and articulate sources of hope for the evolution of the church.


About our guest

Sister Mila Diaz Solano holds a doctoral degree in sacred scripture from the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem and serves as a member of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield leadership team. She is a native of Tarma, Peru, and brings an experience of practical synodality in the Peruvian church to her analysis.

Sister Barbara Blesse also served on the congregation’s leadership team, led student groups to the Holy Land for Biblical and archeological study for Catholic Theological Union, and is currently a pastoral minister at St. Francis Xavier Church, Carbondale, Ill.


About Our host

Sister Beth Murphy is the communications director for the Dominican Sisters of Springfield.



For a quick synod summary read Thomas Reese’s article in America Magazine:  Fifteen hidden gems in the Synod on Synodality report

"What's Next for our Listening Church?" A Look at the Synod Process So Far. A Conversation with Dr. Myriam Wijlens and Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP Moderated by Dr. Kristin Colberg

Inside the Vatican. A podcast that covered the synod extensively.

Video playlist of Father Timothy Radcliffe’s synod retreat conferences.

The synod on synodality website.

English language synod assembly report

Spanish language synod assembly report



The synodal assembly brings to fruition the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. 

It engaged the global church in a way never before possible. 

Lay women and men brought their experience of Church to the table.  

Technology made possible deep conversation across the boundaries of language groups.  

The round tables around which synod assembly participants met are symbolic of a major shift toward Pope Francis’ dream for “a listening church.”

Synodality is about a deep listening to what God desires for the Church today.


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